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Summer Term 2

Splish Splosh!

This term the children in Nursery will be learning about water in our world.

Using our skills to explore our theme, we will be focusing on the stories “Hooray for Fish”, “Come on Daisy” and poetry book “Commotion in the Ocean”. Exploring the character’s journeys and settings, we will have fun retelling and recreating the stories ourselves.

As Writers we will be designing and writing our own postcards.

As Readers we will be exploring poems and learning to read new sounds.

As Mathematicians we will be practising our numbers and learning about buying things.

As Scientists we will investigate life under the sea and other water habitats.

As Geographers we will be finding out where you can travel to by boat.

As Artists and Designers we will be creating our very own under the sea scape and 3D creatures.

As Theologians we will explore celebrations and traditions across the world this time of year.

As Philosophers we will develop our speaking and listening skills, aiming to listen and respond respectfully to the ideas of others and justify our own opinions.