Spring Term 1


This term the children in Nursery will be thinking about journeys and places.

We will be looking at our key texts ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’ and ‘The Train Ride’ to spark our imaginations about travelling and the different places we go to.

As Writers we will talk about the different journeys we take and create our own version of the Bear Hunt. We will keep practising writing letters from our names and trying to copy numerals too.

As Readers we will be looking at the pages in books and drawing our own illustrations for them. We will be memorising key phrases from texts and acting them out, pretending that we’re going on exciting journeys like ‘The Train Ride’!

As Mathematicians we will be learning to recognise numerals and start to make marks representing number. We will also think about the language of size and position, thinking about where things are and what they are like.

As Philosophers we will think about our feelings and try to be mindful in our learning. We will welcome new children to our class and keep learning about how we can be kind and fair in the classroom.

As Athletes we will be continuing to explore our outdoor environment, thinking of the different ways we can move like the characters in the Bear Hunt. We will try out an obstacle course in our garden!

As Artists and Designers we will imagine the things we see out of windows on our journeys, creating a picture for everyone to see. We will also create and explore rhythms to help with our reading and musical skills.

As Explorers, we hope to go on a journey into our local area. We will hopefully be able to travel around and see lots of different things.