Spring Term 1

London- Journeys

This term the children in Reception will be learning about transport.

Using our skills to explore our theme around transport, we will be focusing on the story ‘Naughty Bus’ by Jan and Jerry Oke, as well as Jill Murphy’s ‘On the Way Home’. In The Naughty Bus, The iconic London bus goes on its very own adventure! Who will it meet? Where will it go? We will be researching lots of different types of ways to get around and how they work. We will also open our very own train station café, where you can buy food and drink for your journey.

As Writers we will be writing and publishing our own ‘Naughty Bus’ stories, using different types of transport! We will also create our own ‘journey’ stories using our imagination, inspired by On the Way Home.

As Readers we will be learning to recognise new sounds and explore all aspects of our books.

As Mathematicians we will be exploring numbers and different types of measuring.

As Scientists we will investigate different types of vehicles and explore the way they move.

As Geographers we will be developing our map drawing and reading skills.

As Artists and Designers we will create our own mosaic buses and design and build 3D sculptures of different vehicles.

As Historians we will be researching into old and new transport inventions.

As Theologians we will explore celebrations and traditions across the world this time of year.

As Philosophers we will develop our speaking and listening skills, aiming to listen and respond respectfully to the ideas of others and justify our own opinions.