Year 1


Toy Story

Year 1

Miss O’Brien

This term, we will be using the story of ‘Traction Man’ by Mini Grey to inspire and support our learning in these areas:

As writers, we will be using the talk for writing framework to write our own adventure story! We will also be exploring a range of literature and begin to identify patterns in poetry. We will use drama and art to support our writing.

As readers, we will be immersing ourselves in a variety of genres, paying specific attention to key features and analysing writer’s word choices. Our class novel will be ‘Traction Man meets Turbo Dog’ by Mini Grey.

As Mathematics, we will be learning number facts to 20 and making significant links on number relationships. We will also be carrying out weekly investigations to build upon our problem solving skills.

As Scientists, we will be carrying out predications and observations to investigate every day materials. In groups, we will be designing a shelter for Traction Man; I wonder which material will be most suitable?!

As Theologians, we will be studying Christianity, looking at belonging and what makes us special.

As Philosophers, we will endeavor to identify what makes us kind and responsible members of our community and society.

As Historians, we will be exploring toys from the past and comparing them to current day toys.

As Geographers, we will be learning map co- ordinates in order to find the lost teddy!