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Year 1


Year 1- Class Teacher: Miss Mangion, Mrs McEnroe and Mrs Innes

Spring 1

This term in Year 1 we will be exploring our theme:

Once Upon a Time


We will be looking at many myths, legends and fairy tales including The Clock Tower and Jack and the Beanstalks. 

  • As Writers we will be using story maps and a variety of drama techniques to retell and create fairy tales and myths.


  • As Readers we will be using all of our phonics skills to read tricky words. We will also be talking about what new words mean and why they have been chosen by the author.


  • As Mathematicians we will be using and applying our understanding of addition and subtraction using a number line.


  • As Scientists we will be looking at all of the different materials around us. We will be thinking about what objects are made of and experimenting with different materials to discover why they have been used.


  • As Historians we will be researching castles. We will look into the history of castles, where castles were/are built and who lived/lives in them.


  • As Philosophers we will listen and respond respectfully to the ideas of others whilst exploring what we believe to be fair and unfair and explaining our views and opinions.


  • As Artists and Designers we will be making castles using a range of techniques including finger painting, printing and collage.


  • As Dancers we will be choreographing our own routines based around the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.