Year 1




Class Teacher: Ms S Glaser

Summer Term 1


This term the children in Year 1 will be travelling through time to an age of Dragons, Knights & Castles

 As writers  we will delve into the myths of George & The Dragon and learn how to innovate on a known text by reading Chris Wormell’s version of the story. We will learn the basic structure of defeating a monster tales and then write our own versions. In grammar we will look at compound words, co-ordinating conjunctions and introduce the idea of simile to enhance our writing. As ever, we’ll be dastardly dragons capturing incendiary vocabulary to use in our writing.

As readers we will continue our learning within Phase 5 Letters And Sounds and revising all our sounds. We will read weekly as a class and analyse poems, stories and prose as well as individually with an adult once a week. Our weekly Guided Reading sessions will continue with regular reading comprehension tasks.

As mathematicians we will be studying numbers up to 100 and beyond. We will be securing our knowledge of place value and stepping up our confidence in the four operations.

As scientists  we will continue our unit on Animals and Humans by studying mini beasts and learning about the different types of living creatures. As we increasingly go outdoors for our learning in the warmer months we will begin to look more closely at plants including growing our own tomatoes and basil for pizzas.

As historians we will study the Medieval age via castles, Kings and Queens. We will look at the real story of George & The Dragon and design castles and prepare castles by stepping into the shoes of Medieval lords and ladies.

As artists and designers we will design our own shields using symbols that represent important ideas we have about ourselves. We will also create our own shadow puppet play to act out the story of George & The Dragon.

As philosophers we will continue to learn about our responsibilities towards other living things. Should we kill them even if they’re frightening like dragons? We will also explore the medieval idea of chivalry and whether protecting the weak is something that is still relevant to us today.