Year 1


Class Teacher:  Miss O’Brien

Spring Term 1

This term the children in Year 1 will be off on a food adventure in the world kitchen!

As writers we will explore all sorts of stories with a food twist, including our key text, The Papaya That Spoke. We will learn the basic structure of journey tales and then write our own versions. As part of our learning in history and geography we will also be writing fact files. In grammar we will make sure we are extending our sentences using connectives and introducing speech marks. As ever, we’ll be magnificent magpies stealing super vocabulary to use in our writing.

As readers we will continue our learning within Phase 5 Letters and Sounds. We will read weekly as a class and analyse poems, stories and prose as well as individually with an adult once a week. Our weekly Guided Reading sessions will continue and as we grow more independent we will begin to tackle reading comprehensions.

As mathematicians we will be counting in groups of 2s, 5s and 10s and looking at simple fractions. We will be using our place value knowledge to explore the concept of money!

As scientists we will continue looking at everyday materials, investigating man-made and natural resources.

As computer scientists we will animate the traditional tales we are writing in English and use our iPads to research facts for our Humanities sessions.

As historians we will be comparing modern day kitchens to those in the Victorian era.

As artists and designers we will design different fruit salads and produce posters for our World Kitchen menu.

As theologians we will look at different celebratory foods from faiths around the world.

As philosophers we will think about other living things and our responsibility towards them and our planet. We will discuss healthy eating and looking after ourselves.