Year 1

Class Teacher: Ms S Glaser

Spring Term 1

This term the children in Year 1 will be embarking on a learning journey

Beside The Sea!

As writers we will learn about characterisation and report writing through our key text, The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch and all about rhymes and similes through The Snail And The Whale. Throughout the term we will concentrate on growing our descriptive vocabulary to enrich our writing. Additionally, we will become travel agents and produce our own holiday brochures to entice families to visit the seaside.

 As readers we will continue to add to our phonic knowledge and strengthen what we have learned already. We will continue to use picture clues in our books to help us to explain what is happening in the stories we read and we will become more familiar with discussing what we have read with others. Every week we will read a piece of text as a class and make sense of it together.

As mathematicians we will study time. We will make our own clocks and begin to tell the time to half past and quarter past the hour. We will also learn to measure length and height. Of course, we will also continue our work on understanding number and place value, relating this to addition and subtraction.

 As scientists we will look at materials. We will investigate and test the properties of materials – as well as study what happens to materials when they’re heated and cooled. We will attempt to make ice cream in the classroom and have fun melting chocolate.

 As computer scientists we will use iPads to research British weather and explore the capabilities of Scratch. We will also produce reports using multimedia to underpin our learning in other subjects.

 As geographers we will travel alongside the Snail and The Whale and begin to name and locate the world’s four oceans and seven continents, We will also look at the human world and its impact on marine wildlife.

 As artists and designers we will create sand art and design our own wrist watches.

 As theologians we will continue to explore religious beliefs focusing on Hinduism.

 As philosophers we will consider our our own hopes for a new year. We will discuss our resolutions and consider how all of us can make a difference, however big the challenge. We will listen and respond respectfully to the ideas of others and justify our own opinions.