Year 2

Year 2 - Miss Walton

Year 2

Take One Book

We’re all Wonders

Autumn Term 1

In Year 2 we will be reading We’re all Wonders,J. Palacio. We will be exploring what makes us all individual wonders. We hope this will inspire and motivate us as learners in these areas:

  1. As Writers we will be using rich language to describe what makes us unique. Through lots of class discussion and shared writing we will produce poetry. We will also be writing a recipe and instructions for what makes us wonders.
  • As Readers we will be reading We’re all Wonders, R. J. Palacio. We will immerse ourselves in the literature to support our writing outcomes.
  • As Mathematicians we will be building on our place value knowledge. We will be carrying out some maths investigations linked to the Wonders of the World.
  • As Scientists we will be building on our scientific vocabulary. We will be carrying out investigations and recording our findings.
  • As Historians we will be learning about The Great Fire of London, in preparation for our next topic.
  •  As Geographers we will be learning all about the Wonders of the World!
  • As Artists and Designers we will be building on our mark making skills, making self-portraits and studying the work of the great artist Picasso.
  • As Philosophers we will develop our speaking and listening skills. We will learn to listen to each other with respect. If we disagree, we will learn the skills needed to do so in a kind and gentle manner, so as not to hurt other’s feelings.