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Year 2

Year 2

Summer Term 2

Never judge a book by its cover.

In Year 2 we will be exploring a world of literature. We will be thinking about what the phrase ‘never judge a book by its cover’ actually means to us.

As readers, we enjoyed George’s Marvellous Medicine so much last term that we are going to continue using this text to inspire our writing. We are also going to read Horrid Henry Meets the Queen by Francesca Simon.

As writers  we are going to have fun writing monster poems, invites to parties, a ‘beastly medicine’ recipe and setting and character descriptions. We will be using imperative verbs and alliteration in our writing.

As mathematicians  we are going to be focussing on measurement: mass, volume and capacity. We will also be using our mathematical reasoning skills to complete maths investigations linked to our science topic.

As scientists  we will be getting some exciting visitors delivered to school that we will have to care for! We will be researching these tiny critters and writing mini fact files about them. We will also be carrying out investigations over time using plants, as well as learning how to care for our environment.

As historians  we will be learning about the Tudor Period, in particular Henry VIII. We will be learning about the Tudor timeline and what life was like back then.

As artists  we will be continuing to build on our sketching skills. We will also be visiting Tate Modern and looking at some sculpture. We will be curating our very own art exhibition at Cherry Orchard to exhibit all our wonderfully creative work from throughout the year.

As Geographers  we will be learning about the human and physical features on planet Earth.

As religious educators  we will be learning about Hinduism, including Diwali and their worship.

As always we will be continuing to develop our personal, emotional and social skills through working in pairs, groups, activities and circle time. We will be building on our resilience and preparing ourselves for the transition into Key Stage 2.