Year 2

Year 2

World Kitchen

Summer Term 1

In Year 2 we will be exploring a world of different food. We will use all of our senses to describe, draw, taste, smell, cut, weigh, measure, mix, cook, plant and grow food. This term we are going to try new things and step outside of our comfort zone.

 As Writers - we will be writing menus, recipes, reviews, biographies, character descriptions and so much more this term! We will focus on grammar and ensure that we use everything we learn in our spelling, punctuation and grammar lessons when we do any writing.

As Readers we will be reading George’s Marvellous Medicine, Roald Dahl. We will immerse ourselves in this imaginative world and dedicate time to read as a whole class, in groups, paired reading with Year 5, reading with reception and reading aloud. We will also have time for quiet reading in special areas created for independent reading time. We will continue to focus on our reading comprehension and look for deeper meaning within text.

 As Mathematicians we will start the term by revisiting fractions. However we will be working hard in all areas of our mathematical learning to ensure there are no gaps in our learning! We will continue to use directional language in PE and when using BeeBots in ICT.

 As Scientists we will be looking at growing plants and food as well as the human body and its digestive system. We will learn how we can be fit and healthy and how to eat a balanced diet.

As Historians we will continue to learn about Florence Nightingale and create some fact files and biographies.

As Geographers we will learn where countries are around the world and identify different types of food that grow there. We will talk about climate and how this affects what people grow and eat.

As Artists and Designers we will be using food and developing our skills and techniques through still life drawing, with a twist!