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Year 2



Year 2

The Tale of Fear

Autumn Term 2

In Year 2 we are learning all about the Great Fire of London. We aim to find out what London was like in 1666 and learn about the role of historical evidence by reading the diary of Samuel Pepys. We hope this will inspire and motivate us as learners in these areas:

As Writers we will be using rich language to describe the setting in this historical time. We will use our imaginations to pretend that we lived during the great fire and write descriptive diary entries, letters and instructions.

  • As Readers we will be reading a variety of non-fiction texts including ‘How do we know about the great fire of London?’ and also the diary of Samuel Pepys. We will immerse ourselves in the literature to support our writing outcomes.
  • As Mathematicians we will be building on our existing Maths knowledge. We will also be exploring many different strategies and methods to find out what works best for each of us as individual and independent learners.
  • As Scientists we will be learning about living things and their habitats. We will be using many skills including exploring, comparing, identifying and expanding our scientific vocabulary.
  • As Historians we will be stepping back in time, to record and chronologically order the major events of the great fire of London.
  •  As Geographers we will be focussing on map reading. We will be learning how to read co-ordinates and use maps and atlases. We will also have the opportunity to use the new orienteering course around the school.
  • As Artists and Designers we will be designing and constructing our very own 3D houses to create a city that might well burn down! We will also be making biscuits similar to those that were being made in the bakery where the fire first started.