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Year 3


Year 3

Cunning Creatures

Autumn Term 2

In Year 3 we are exploring cunning creatures through the fantastic adaptation of the traditional fairy tale ‘The Frog Prince’ and ‘The Frog Prince Continued’. We hope this will inspire and motivate us as learners in these areas:


  • As Readers, we will be reading The Frog Prince by the Brothers Grimm and The Frog Prince Continued by Jon Sciezska. We will immerse ourselves in the literature to support our writing outcomes.
  • As Writers, we will be using rich language to write our own losing tales. We will also be learning persuasive writing techniques to help us write an invitation to frog prince’s wedding.
  • As Mathematicians, we will continue exploring calculation strategies to strengthen our understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • As Scientists, we will be exploring light. We will learn about how light is reflected and how shadows are formed.
  • As Historians, we will be stepping back in time, to investigate the changes in Britain from the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. We will be investigating the major changes which took place during these periods.
  • As Geographers, we will be naming and locating counties and cities of the United Kingdom, geographical regions and their identifying human and physical characteristics.
  • As Artists and Designers, we will be creating tools used in the Bronze Age and Iron Age using collage materials. We will also talk about and identify complementary colours, colour as tone, warm and cold colours.
  • As Theologians, we will be continue looking into Islam and exploring how muslims worship.
  • As Computer Scientists, we will be learning about eSafety. We will also be using Storyjumper to create digital story books.