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Year 3


Year 3

Time Travellers

Autumn Term 1


In Year 3 we are travelling through time to explore the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. We hope this will inspire and motivate us as learners in these areas:


  • As Readers, we will be reading Stone Age Boy written by Satoshi Kitamura and Ugg, Boy Genius written by Raymond Briggs. We will immerse ourselves in the literature to support our writing outcomes.


  • As Writers, we will be using rich language to write portal stories. We will also be learning how to write a set of instructions.


  • As Mathematicians, we will deepen our understanding of place value by learning to recognize the place value of each digit in a three-digit number. We will also be exploring calculation strategies to strengthen our understanding of addition and subtraction of numbers up to 1000.


  • As Scientists, we will be investigating the formation of rocks and fossils by exploring their characteristics and unique properties. We will also compare and group together different kinds of rocks based on their appearance and simple physical properties.


  • As Historians, we will be stepping back in time, to record and chronologically order the major events of the Stone Age.


  • As Geographers, we will be focussing on both physical and human Geography as we explore the changes to both the landscape and the climate of the UK during the vast period of the Stone Age.


  • As Artists and Designers, we will be creating our very own hunter-gatherer tools similar to the ones used by Neanderthals. We will also be creating our own cave paintings.


  • As Theologians, we will be looking into Islam and exploring how muslims worship.


  • As Computer Scientists, we will be using Storyjumper to create digital story books.