Year 6


Year 6

Class Teacher: Mrs H. Mourne

Spring Term

This term the children in Year 6 will be learning about Tudor times a theme called


Using our skills to explore our theme, we will begin our theme through Shakespeare, learning about Macbeth.  This is one of Shakespeare’s great plays, set in Scotland, which tells the story of how greed and power can end in murder and tragedy! We will also travel back in time to when Henry VIII reigned over England.

  •  As Writers we will be creating tabloid reports about the courtroom drama of Macbeth. We will also be publishing reports on Henry VIII and his many wives and creating a Tudor magazine
  • As Readers we will be exploring the language of Shakespeare- using Macbeth and other plays to help us analyse and learn his style
  • As Mathematicians we will apply our calculation skills and knowledge in order to solve multistep word problems
  • As Scientists we will be observing, predicting and investigating in order to show how changing circuits work in electricity
  • As Historians we will travel back in time at The Tower of London to learn about Tudor people, buildings and our most talked about Tudor monarch, King Henry VIII
  • As Artists and Designers we will be inspired by important Tudor buildings, such as The Tower of London and The Globe Theatre and recreate them through modelling
  • We will also capture the infamous six wives of Henry through a hand sewn wall hanging
  • As Theologians we will study the teachings of Christianity and look closely at how Henry VIII reformed the Church
  • As Philosophers we will endeavour to think about concepts beyond a stimulus. We will listen and respond respectfully to the ideas of others and justify our own opinions. For example; Who was to blame to the beheading of Catherine Howard?