Year 4

Year 4

Class Teacher: Ms Glaser

Autumn Term 1 2017

The fascinating tale of the Titanic will form the basis of our

class theme for this half term:



Through the story of the Titanic, we will be inspired to learn in these areas:

As Writers we will be learning to write a variety of first person recounts of our imagined experiences as passengers on The Titanic.

 As Readers we will be building our vocabulary associated with ships, sea-faring and icy climates and magpie-ing  words from a selection of exciting Titanic related literature.

 As Mathematicians we will immersing ourselves in the Arabic and Roman numbers systems to secure our knowledge of place value, which will help us with our addition and subtraction later in the term.

 As Scientists we will be exploring the topics of Animals and Humans, looking closely at Teeth and Digestion as well as learning about the Food Chain.

 As Geographers we will discover the places worldwide involved with the Titanic and its route, as well as looking at our local area of Greenwich.

 As Historians we will compare our lives now with the lives of those who boarded the Titanic. We will do this through our focus on the maritime history of Greenwich.

 As Artists/Designers we will be looking at creating works inspired by The Titanic exploring different mediums.

 As Dramatists we will use our experiences in role to inspire our learning and understanding of the other areas of this theme.

 As Philosophers we will endeavour to identify what makes us kind and responsible members of our community and society. We will explore the idea of responsibility for the sinking of the Titanic.