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Year 4


Year 4

Class Teacher: Ms Glaser


Autumn Term 1


Year 4 are tombraiders this term, digging deep into Ancient Egyptian life and culture.

We will be unearthing a cornucopia of treasure including

magical myths, brilliant buildings and fascinating facts.

 As readers we will be exploring the worlds of Egyptian myths and Gods, picking out the features of ancient storytelling which have never dated.

 As writers we will be looking at setting descriptions and writing our own Egyptian myths based on our study of the Egyptian ‘Cinderella’ story of Rhodopis. We will also be writing non-chronological reports about Ancient Egypt.

 As mathematicians we will be deepening our knowledge of number, addition and subtraction.

 As scientists we will be looking (and listening) to Sound, exploring how sound is made and what makes it possible for us to hear sound.

 As historians  we will explore every aspect of the Ancient Egyptians culminating in our own Ancient Egyptian museum which we hope to invite parents to come and see.

 As artists and designers we will be creating our own mummy models, designing sarcophaguses, making Pharoah self portraits and writing in hieroglyphics. We will also be designing and baking our own Egyptian breads. These will all be seen in our Ancient Egyptian museum at the end of term!

 As philosophers we will be questioning the structure of Ancient Egyptian society; the workers through to the Pharaoh and the role of slaves. We will also be taking a closer look at the Ancient Egyptian belief in the afterlife – just why did they bury their Pharaos as mummies with food and riches alongside?

  As linguists we will build on our fantastic French learning from Year 3 – increasing our vocabulary and practising our speaking and listening. ​