Year 4


In Year 4 we are exploring the theme ‘Knowledge is Power’ through an imaginative and creative story ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. We will use this focus to inspire and encourage us as learners in these areas.   

As Writers we will exploring the language and the structure of the Iron Man to support us in writing a description of the setting. We will be using the ‘talk for writing’ approach to construct our own non- fiction reports on the sighting of the Iron Man.

As Readers we will be reading ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes, alongside a range of literature to support our writing.  

As Mathematicians we will be focusing on decimals, recognising the value of decimal notation, multiplying and dividing by 10, rounding decimals and making links to our existing fraction knowledge. We will also be developing our problem solving skills by carrying out weekly mathematical investigations.  

As Scientists, we will be investigating electricity. We will be exploring how electricity is made, where it comes from, as well as constructing our own circuits!  

As Art and Designers, we will be exploring shading and blending to draw the Iron Man. We will also be looking at Islamic designs and creating our own colourful patterns.

As Historians, we will be looking at Baghdad AD 900, exploring the history of the most advanced city of this time period.

 As Geologists, we will be comparing the world in 900 AD to the world as it is today.