Year 4

Year 4

Class Teacher: Ms Glaser

Autumn Term 2

This term the children in Year 4 will be prowling through the world of

Cunning Creatures



As readers we will be immersing ourselves in the suspenseful novel Varjak Paw,exploring its themes and how the novelist SF Said manages to create tension and suspense.


As writers we will be adding our own chapters to the book featuring Varjak Paw on a city adventure, using our new skills in the vocabulary and structure of suspense writing and adding to our bank of emotive, powerful language.


As mathematicians we will be learning new methods for mastering multiplication and division as well as looking at measurement and perimeter. Just how high did Varjak Paw have to jump?


As scientists we will be exploring the food cycle with its predators and prey, as well as delve into the habitats of cunning creatures.


As Historians we will be looking at the world of Varjak Paw’s Mesopotamia – Bagdhad of 900AD and looking at this fascinating early Islamic civilisation.


As Theologians we will be looking at religions and belief systems and exploring how our beliefs inform and impact on our own lives.


As artists and designers we will explore the work of Dave McKean, the illustrator of our class novel Varjak Paw, looking at silhouettes and sketching our own charcoal cats.


As philosophers we will be questioning whether Varjak Paw was right to leave his family and look closer at the balance between healthy risk taking and staying safe. ​