Year 4



Class Teacher: Ms Glaser
Spring Term 1
Year 4 will be wielding the Power of Knowledge in our work this term.
As readers we will be thrown headlong into the heroic escapades of Hogarth and Iron Man in Ted Hughes’s classic novel.
As writers we will become newspaper reporters, preparing front page stories inspired by Iron Man about fearsome creatures threatening the Earth with their abominable power.
As mathematicians we will be deepening our knowledge of multiplication and division as well as venturing into fractions.
As scientists we will be powering up as we explore the fascinating energy of electricity.
As Historians  we will be completing our study of early Islamic civilisation as its reign of knowledge falls under the terrible Mongolian attacks.
As artists and designers we will be looking at the materials suitable for building a model robot and creating our own ‘iron men’ complete with light-up eyes.
As philosophers we will be looking at the wider message of Iron Man’s peaceful promise, a world where armies are hushed by music and heroes can be forged from small kindnesses.
As computer scientists we will be exploring Scratch and begin creating our own games inspired by the Iron Man tale.
As Geographers we will be studying habitats and how animals and humans have adapted to exist on Earth. Is Earth the best habitat for Iron Man? What about the Space-Bat-Angel-Dragon?
As musicians we will take a look at power of music to change atmosphere and mood taking our inspiration from the Space monster’s song of the spheres.​