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Year 4


Year 4

Class Teacher: Ms Glaser

Summer Term 1

Secrets Of Science


Year 4 will be investigating the Secrets of Science this term inspired by scientist

and inventor Matilda in The Matilda Effect!



As readers we will be reading our core text, comparing and contrasting its language with other literature we have already studied.


As writers we will learn about character and characterisation and ways in which authors introduce conflict into adventure stories to keep the reader excited! We will also look at biography writing and explanation writing.

 As mathematicians we will be continuing fractions and decimals, before putting our decimals to practical use with money.

 As scientists we will be linking our science learning so far with famous scientists and their discoveries, including Marie Curie, Mary Anning, Ada Lovelace and Rosalind Franklyn and others, in order to write their biographies. We will also try out some of the fantastic science experiments described in The Matilda Effect!

As computer scientists we will be learning all about digital music and producing our own electronic music masterpieces! We will also be learning about famous computer scientists like Tim Berners-Lee and Ada Lovelace.

As Theologians  we will look at how famous people of all faiths, including the Dalai Lama, Mahatma Ghandi, Jonathan Sachs and Bear Grylls, use their beliefs and teachings to guide themselves and others through their lives. We will also reflect on what belief systems we draw on as individuals and how they help us.

As artists and designers we will explore different creative and textured effects we can create using wax and paint. We will also look at digital art, explore 3D printing and try out some electric art!

 As philosophers we will continue our whole class work on respecting others and their differences, helping our classroom become a super-positive place to learn. We will also be throwing ourselves into our weekly Votes for Schools topic discussions with usual fervour.

 As linguists we will build on our French vocabulary and sentence work from last term taking on further challenges.